Sunday, 2 November 2008

Print Tank Project

Trip to the Studio in London

Around the beginning of October, we visited Print Tank’s studio in London where we met Rose and Sian to talk about the brief they had set us; to design 10 samples that they would possibly buy off us if they liked them.
It was dead exciting to get a glimpse into my possible future. Rose and Sian started Print Tank in 2004. All their designs are hand drawn and manipulated using the computer which is a way I enjoy working too. It was a cute little studio with a friendly atmosphere and they had their own fabric printer! I wish I had one.
They showed us their work; they had like tons of beautiful printed fabric samples to show us, which they sold to both high street stores and fashion designers.
I learned a lot of really important stuff during our meeting with Print Tank, here are a few things and tips I have found essential that I should know:

- When designing a print, rotate images and play with scale to create flow.
- When designing for the high street don’t use too many colours, the more colours the more it costs to print the fabric!
- When designing a sample give an impression of repeat and make sure that any images used in the print are in some place in the print a complete image (e.g. in a floral print make sure both halves of a flower are somewhere on the sample)
- Once you have sold the sample, you have sold the copywrite of the sample and all images with-in the sample; the same image can not be sold twice!

The final point in that list made me question weather this was where I wanted to go with my career. I don’t like the anonymity involved, the way you sell your design and someone else gets the credit, and also the copywrite laws sound all scary and confusing to me!

So, I chose to work with a ‘Psychedelic’ colour way, one of the 4 themes the class had to choose from. And off I went to college to design my 10 textiles samples.

The Result

Here are a few of my 10 designs I thought were most successful and a couple of pieces of embroidery I did during the project.

The Feedback

On October 24th, Sian from Print Tank and Esther set up an interview type setting for us to present our textile samples. I’d had a couple of problems with not being able to print on fabric and not being able to find a Pantone calibrated A3 printer at short notice and id missed a couple of days with not being well so I didn’t have my full collection of 10 completed, but what I had done I was pleased with.

This is what they said:

- My work was professional looking.
- The images in my prints should be rotated more and I need to play with scale and add more excitement by using more images per print.
- They liked my embroidery work best especially my peacocks.
- My work lost a little bit of its charm when manipulated on Photoshop.
- Although they might be able to sell some of my work it isn’t really what their clients would want.
- That my work would be good on stationary, one off bags and children’s wear.

I’m pretty pleased with the feedback I got and I’m pretty proud of the work I’ve produced but most importantly the whole experience of the project has helped me decide what I want to do after university which I will talk about in a future blog when I have got some plans together…

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