Thursday, 24 February 2011

A whale of a time...

I've had a really good time this last month working on a project for band Bill Davro designing the the cover for their self titled EP.
The concept was something front man Kieran Gallimore came up with using one the characters I'd drawn for an earlier poster I created for the band.

Working from a sketch he provided me with I set to making a 3D whale and set. My work was inspired by the work of Fancesco Misseri which I first saw on childrens animation Mio Mao
Mio Mao is a simple but beatuiful animation where two Kittens Mio and Mao are confused and amazed when they encounter new characters. I also took some inspiration from Nick Park and Aardmans popular Wallace and Gromit films when designing the set.

Meet Bill the whale:

He is sculped in two parts from Fimo, a head and a tail. The tail was a little more difficult and I needed to build a bit of wire sculpture inside. I used real sand from an aqarium shop and the sea is made of cheap hair gel!

The CD is available from Bill Davro and at Bill Davro gigs and hopefully in some record stores soon.
All photography was done by Emma Gallimore-Martin

The finished product :)